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We have purchased several reports on the roofing materials market in Europe, and we consult them regularly. They are a very useful source of analysis which complement our own market data. - Wienerberger

The reports produced by MSI have given me what I was looking for, with an analysis and vocabulary appropriate for each market: starting with an overview and then going into detail which gives me a good understanding of the qualitative and quantitative issues. - Arban Grosfillex

Taken together, the purchase of these reports has allowed us to understand our current markets better by quantifying them, but also and in particular in showing us the dynamics of the market with an overview of the different players in each market sector, and with segmentations which are often highly relevant. It is also an interesting resource for any colleague wanting to discover a market. - Leroy Merlin

We read the report on roofing materials with interest and we consult it regularly. It is a valuable analytical tool for this particular market. - Arcelor Construction

Well structured, the report allows me to quickly find the information I was looking for. The report provides the quantitative information and trends which are needed by a decision maker. - Feralco Environnement

There is not much information available about the German fireplace market. Reports and statistics commissioned by manufacturer only provide information and answers to their specific questions. Brief information can be found in press releases that contain abridgements of reports or specific information can be gained in an interview conducted with a representative of an industry association. Moreover it is time-consuming and almost impossible to draw conclusions for a company by studying annual reports, which very few companies in the fireplace market publish.

The German fireplace market report is of great interest to our company. In November 2004 for the first time we could use company spanning statistics to analyse and to assess the prospects. By using this report, which we now purchase regularly, we were able to define our own market position and we could reassure or if necessary correct our internal market observations. Particularly helpful is that MSI updates the report and uses constantly the same format. Thus making it easy to compare and rank market and company developments. The MSI data report has become an important and indispensable tool for the strategic planning of our German market.

- NunnaUuni Oy

MSI's reports are designed for professionals, and are a valuable tool when wanting to understand a new market. They allow you to benchmark and to follow the trends for competitor products. To my knowledge, the content of these reports is correct. In the future, I will continue to call on the services of MSI when I need a complete picture of a market and to know the different players in the market. - Balsan

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